KlinEra Community Services

As a part of its corporate social responsibility program, a non-profit division of KlinEra named KlinEra Community Services (KCS) has been set up to serve the communities in which we live and work.

KlinEra Community Clinic

KlinEra community clinic was created in May 2008 with intent to provide affordable medical care to the needy. In a family practice setting, primary medical care is provided to over 1200 patients each month at a subsidized cost of Rs.10 (approximately 25 cents) per patient.

KlinEra Literacy Program

This program was started in 2008 to assist deserving students in obtaining a higher education. Students enrolled in this program are provided tuition and enrollment fees for college education or other courses that will enable them to work and live as contributing members of the community. To be considered, students have to be in the top 5% in their current grade level and have annual family income less than Rs.25,000/per year (US$500/per year). To date, 2000 students have been enrolled in this program with a goal to enroll an additional 500 students per year.